As I have a vacation, me and my little one went to my moms and dads home to spend some time outside and make a picnic. Before making a picnic, we all wanted to do some gardening works in the yard. We burned some old branches and leaves, removed spruce brunches from roses and even planted the first flowers into my moms flowerbed. I was very glad to help my parents and the little one just enjoyed the time outside, riding with a bicycle, playing in the the send box and just having fun in the yard. IMG_6724.JPG

Visiting Cesvaine Palace


As the spring is finally here and I have a two week vacation, I am trying to spend more time outside together with my family. This week we had an unexpected walk into the woods. A very good friend of my boyfriend ( lets call him E. further)was organizing a sports activities in nature and need a little help. So we found ourselves taking a few km walk into the nature. My little one couldn’t make all of the way, but he I was still very proud of how far did we get. The sun was shining and it was calm and quiet around so all three of us really enjoyed it.

Yesterdays evening E. suggested that we could drive to the Cesvaine Palace and take a short walk. Of course I said yes! I love taking a walks and I absolutely love the castles and palaces. The weather was perfect, there were almost no other people around and we just had a very good time talking to each other, taking photos. My little one and E. were competing in throwing stones into the lake and there was a lot of laughing this evening. I really enjoyed it!

The palace was built at the end of the 19th century and belonged to baron Emil von Wulf family (from Germany).


Forgotten discovery


During the Easter holidays me and my little one spend more time in my families home where I grew up. While trying to find some book of mine I found something that I had totally forgot. I found my note book that I was writing when I was still in high school.


This reminded me that there are things that probably never change, even when we are growing up. My never ending love for old buildings (or what’s left of them) reminding of lost centuries. I guess I need to plan some trip to the castles when I will have my vacation.

I also found some weird doll idea sketches.. I’m having my vacation in a week and I was planing to start to make my dolls again, so the forgotten sketches in my high school note book brought a big smile into my face.

At the very end of my note book I found my notes about different kind of herbs and its exposure. Both- medical and magical. And I do believe that it works.


I still collect herbs for tea every summer. And I sill believe that You have to thank Mother Nature when You take something from her. Almost untouched nature is still the place I  feel the best and feeling your ancient roots while living in the city filled with concrete monsters still seems crucial.


Almost typical entry about the Easter


This year Easter came so early that the ground is still covered with snow. There has been too much cold and gray this year, so I have started to create my own spring on kitchens windows sill. While reading further, please don’t pay an attention to terrible quality of pictures- I wasn’t planning to post them at all first, but, as I have a very bad memory (with bad I mean, really bad) I keep taking pictures a lot with everything happening around me.

This Easter we had really nice time together with all my family in my moms home. We were making cookies, painting eggs, decorating the house. This year again I was responsible for egg coloring. And for a very ling time- I really liked the result (I dyed eggs in onion peels, blueberries and curry juice with leaves and grass we could found under the snow.IMG_E6394

But one of the best things during those holidays was the day my dad took me and my little one to one of my favorite places in whole world- to our forest, which is an absolute energy and peace renovator for me. While my little one had some fun slipping from the hill, I took a short walk through the forest and I felt absolutely delighted.



Run, rabbit, run

Lately I’ve been playing  this song All for a lot  (this is one of my absolute favorite Latvian bands) in my playlist all over and over again and the more I listen to it, the more I caught myself getting a little bit nervous? (not the right word). Something starts digging into me. Knock, knock, knocking deep down inside of me. And even while doing some ordinary everyday jobs like washing the dishes I catch myself thinking about painting and making my human-bird dolls that I haven’t made for some 5 or 6 years. Some short frame lightnings runs through my head. Ideas.Finally! I’ve been lost this feeling for a way too long time. Or maybe I was just trying to avoid this feeling!?

Coming back to my hometown after 5 years spent in Riga (our capital city), wasn’t easy for me. I had my bachelor degree in the work of arts, than had my little wonder (who is an amazing 5 year old now) and returned to this small city of Latvia in which I live now. No concerts, no performances, no exhibitions (not that kind that I love), no theater or late night sitting in a cafes and talking to strangers…

So, not to miss all those things, I concentrated to becoming a mom, concentrated to what my kid needs and I guess I was putting a part of me somewhere aside.  I was trying to enjoy the things this city offers, but sometimes it feels, rabbit, run. But, I guess You cannot run from yourself. Well, at least not for a long.

For now I have my head full of visions of exhibition I want to make. And I just loooove that feeling when your head is full of ideas. Have no idea how to do realize them for now, but at least it is no more “run, rabbit, run”