Traveling Around My Country (Part 1)

I have been very lucky to travel around the world time after time since my childhood. My parents always wanted me and my sister to see more, to see something different and expand our horizons. And I am very thankful them that they showed me the beauty of different cultures, different life styles and little piece of how beautiful is our planet.

As my little one is still a little bit too small to travel far away countries, we are trying to travel around our country piece by piece. I think that a lot of people are traveling around the world not even noticing how beautiful and full of interesting places are their own country. So, time after time I will share a little pieces of my attempts to travel around the Latvia.

IMG_1963 Today I went to the seaside. Haven’t been there since summer and I missed it a lot. Unfortunately it was raining and very windy, so we could take such a long walk as I wished, but still… The power of nature, silence and feeling of freedom- I managed to catch it. Being near the sea, being deep in forest, walking through the fields with no houses and no people is my way to reload my inner batteries. (Picture taken in Tūja)



Later we went to one of my favorite cities in Latvia- Cēsis. Very beautiful and old city with a lot of old wooden buildings, labyrinths of small streets and a castle of course. I am an absolute lover of old houses, paved streets and other things reminding of ancient times.

Sometimes you don’t need much to have a dose of inspiration for the rest of the week.


Whats Left for the Future (Part 1)

This weekend I went to my family house to brought some things (since I moved into my new home-place I have part of my stuff still left in my previous home where I used to live since my childhood). I found two necklaces of my grandmothers youthful times. One made of glass and the second one made of very small seashells.  And several brooches witch belonged to my grandmothers mother. I have always found those things as a big treasure because that is  what’s left for the future. Those are the things filled with stories and memories.

So I started to think- what’s going to be left for the future for my kid? I am trying to give him more than just the things made in factories in thousands of  exemplars. I am trying to give him and show how beautiful, unique and valuable are things made by craftsman. Things that are made by someone’s hands not machines in a factory. So step by step I am trying to fill my home with ceramics and wooden things. Things that are going to be left for the future for my family.

My kid already loves… I believe there is no direct word for that in English. In Latvian we call it “svilpavnieks” (a small whistle in a form of bird that is made of clay). I hope that one day I will have a quite big collection of them. And I hope that my little man will find those things as much valuable as I find them.

The spring scent

The first green grass, first blooming snowdrops and that moment when you can physically smell the spring in the air.  And of course that first day when you throw your
winter boots into the wardrobe, wear shoes and walking is so light that it feels like you are really walkIMG_1754ing couple inches above the ground.

As here, in Latvia, we still have to wait for this moment a little bit, I’m trying to bring a little bit of green and colors in my home myself. Have you ever tried to make the buds open in your home? This is one of my spring traditions since childhood.

Usually I try it with branches of bird-cherry or birch. This year I’m trying it with lilac, apple-tree and brunches of a plant that I don’t even know the name of, but they are growing in my mothers garden and blooms with small pink flowers. Will see how it goes this spring.

Making buds to open and flowers to bloom is my way to bring the feeling of spring in home earlier. How do you do that? Please leave a comment.