Whats Left for the Future (Part 1)

This weekend I went to my family house to brought some things (since I moved into my new home-place I have part of my stuff still left in my previous home where I used to live since my childhood). I found two necklaces of my grandmothers youthful times. One made of glass and the second one made of very small seashells.  And several brooches witch belonged to my grandmothers mother. I have always found those things as a big treasure because that is  what’s left for the future. Those are the things filled with stories and memories.

So I started to think- what’s going to be left for the future for my kid? I am trying to give him more than just the things made in factories in thousands of  exemplars. I am trying to give him and show how beautiful, unique and valuable are things made by craftsman. Things that are made by someone’s hands not machines in a factory. So step by step I am trying to fill my home with ceramics and wooden things. Things that are going to be left for the future for my family.

My kid already loves… I believe there is no direct word for that in English. In Latvian we call it “svilpavnieks” (a small whistle in a form of bird that is made of clay). I hope that one day I will have a quite big collection of them. And I hope that my little man will find those things as much valuable as I find them.


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